Grafixdrive Premium Plans

Initially, you need to create an account on using a valid email, if you haven’t done so already. Once you’ve done that,Follow the payment Link.

Payment processing delays can sometimes occur due to Different geolocations and periods of Sleeping night inactivity. Don’t perceive these delays as fraudulent activities. If you wish to make a payment, please Follow the Procedure With accurate contact details, we will assist you in upgrading your account.

Pay without mentioning Additional detail on ko-fi. Don’t Type Any Message too . Yes Plan Cost You Little Bit Extra Because of PayPal Processing Fees.

For Quick Support you can contact us via Telegram
(Please check the floating chat icons located in the corner of this website.). if You have not Telegram you can contact us via below Contact form.

How We Work?

After Your Successful Purchase We Directly Contact The File Hosting Provider to Upgrade Your Account. This Method Usually Happens Within 10 to 15 Minutes of Our Active Time. Sometime This need More than 8-10 Hours Due to Different Geo-Location Of  Your File Hosting Service Provider.